Haibo Zhang Profile

I am currently a Ph.D. student in CSE department at Penn State. I am a member of MDL since Aug. 2014.

My advisor is Prof. Mahmut Kandemir. I also work with Prof. Chita Das and Prof. Anand Sivasubramaiam.

I received bachelor's degree in computer science from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), 2011, and a master degree in computer science and technoloy from USTC, 2014. USTC is one of the top 5 universities in China Mainland.


Generally, my research interests are in Computer Architecture. To be more specific, I am currently working on evaluations and optimizations of mobile SoC design. I also have research experiences in performance counter, DVFS, phase analysis and composable microarchitecture. I am a main maintainer of GemDroid.

TAGS: C/C++, Java, GemDroid, Simulator, Linux, Android


Please contact me at haibo At or kopcarl aT


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