Haibo Zhang Profile

I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). I am a member of HPCL and CSL.

My co-advisors are Prof. Mahmut Kandemir, Prof. Anand Sivasubramaiam, and Prof. Chita Das.

I am looking for internship opportunities (Summer 2018).


My research interests are in architectures and systems of mobile platforms. To be more specific, I am currently working on optimizing camera system in mobile devices. I also have research experience in video processing, mobile CPU optimizations, DVFS and memory architectures.


PhD Student in Computer Science, Penn State, Aug 2014 - Now.

Software Engineer Intern in Qualcomm DSP LLVM Group, Austin, TX. May-Aug, 2016.

M.Eng. in Computer Science, USTC, China, 2011 - 2014.

B.Eng. in Computer Science, USTC, China, 2007 - 2011.


  • Haibo Zhang, Prasanna Venkatesh Rengasamy, Nachiappan Chidhambaram Nachiappan, Shulin Zhao, Anand Sivasubramaniam, Mahmut Kandemir, Chita R Das.
    FLOSS: FLOw Sensitive Scheduling on Mobile Platforms.
    To Appear Proceedings of the 55th Annual Design Automation Conference (DAC), Jun 2018.
    DAC 2018, Coming Soon.

  • Nachiappan Chidambaram Nachiappan, Haibo Zhang, Jihyun Ryoo, Niranjan Soundararajan, Anand Sivasubramaniam, Mahmut Kandemir, R. Iyer, Chita R Das.
    VIP: Virtualizing IP Chains on Handheld Platforms.
    In Proceedings of the 42nd Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA 2015), June 2015.
    ISCA 2015, Acceptance Ratio: 58/305(19.01%) [bibtex]