As the demand for feature-rich mobile systems such as smartphones and tablets has outpaced other computing systems and is expected to continue at a faster rate, it is projected that SoCs with tens of cores and hundreds of IPs (or accelerator) will be designed to provide unprecedented level of features and functionality in future. Design of such mobile systems with required QoS and power budgets along with other design constraints will be a daunting task for computer architects since any ad hoc, piece-meal solution is unlikely to result in an optimal design. This requires early exploration of the complete design space to understand the system-level design trade-offs. We present GemDroid, a comprehensive simulation infrastructure to address these concerns.

GemDroid has been designed by integrating



  • Hybrid approach – Traces from Android Emulator with many IP calls and input.
  • IPs are modeled with various complexities – user defined.
  • Enables plug and play of custom accelerators.
  • Integrated under Gem5 framework.
  • Support for multi-applications.
  • Integrated power model for components
  • Performance Metrics: IPC. FPS, Frame Drop Rates


Nachiappan Chidambaram Nachiappan (Nachi)
Praveen Yedlapalli
Haibo Zhang
Jihyun Ryoo


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